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Approved by the Brazilian Education Ministry (MEC) and the Federal Council of Dentistry (CFO). CFO order No. 590/2006

Course Objectives

This course aims to prepare the surgeon dentist to realize de speciality of implantology working out the diverse situations of modern implantology, with emphasis on preparing the student to the surgical clinic and clinic of prostheses, providing knowledge based on scientific and technical concepts. Transmit competence to obtain a correct diagnosis, to establish a treatment plan and to use a variety of surgical techniques that allow after tissue repairing (osseointegration) the rehabilitation appropriated to each patient, restoring the function and aesthetics.


Expert in Implantology, by the University Centre FUNVIC;
Recognized by Brazilian Education Ministry;
Recognized by Brazilian Federal Council of Dentistry.

Luís Otavio Palhari, MSc
Expert in Implantology;
Masters in Implantology.

Professors of Specific Subjects
Luís Otávio Palhari, MSc.
Monalisa Moreira da Silva, Exp.

Modules Monthly
  • Theory
  • Laboratory Practice
  • Clinical Practice
Total of 25 modules
Number of Hours
  • 400 hours surgical
  • 300 hours prosthetic
  • 100 hours specific theoretical
  • 100 hours related theory
  • 100 hours guided studies (Literature review, Work, Seminars, Articles, Poster and Monograph)
Total of 1,000 hours
General Information
General Information
  • Vacancies: 12;
  • Criteria for Selection: Curriculum Review and Interview;
  • Frequency: Monthly;
  • Duration: 25 months.
Coordinator: Luís Otávio Palhari, MSc.
Claudemir de Carvalho, Dr. - Coordination of Research, Post Graduation and Extension
Phone: (+55 12) 3648-8323 - Ext.: 227
Office hours: 07:30 am to 12:00 pm and 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm (Brazilian Time Zone: UTC -03:00)

Summary of program content

Program Content
  • History of Implantology;
  • Concepts of Osseointegration;
  • Implantodontic Planning;
  • Biomechanics;
  • Implantodontic Surgical Technique;
  • Models of implants and their applications;
  • Techniques of bone grafting;
  • Advanced surgeries;
  • Immediate loading;
  • Cosmetic surgery for Implantology of connective tissue;
  • Concepts and Planning of Prostheses on Implants;
  • Types of impression and their components;
  • Occlusion in Implantology;
  • RTG and ROG;
  • PRP - Plasma rich in platelets;
  • Bone Reconstruction Intra and Extra Oral;
  • Orthodontic Implants;
  • Periimplantits and their treatments;
  • Preservation.

Sobre a Funvic

A FUNVIC – Fundação Universitária Vida Cristã é uma fundação educacional privada sem fins lucrativos, com sede na cidade de Pindamonhangaba, no interior de São Paulo, no Brasil; localizada no principal eixo socioeconômico da América Latina, situada entre as duas maiores cidades do Brasil, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.

Acesse aqui o Relatório de transparência e Igualdade Salarial - LEI 14.611.


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